Student Comments

“German 414 provides students with a comprehensive foundation in the written and oral skills necessary to perform effectively in a German business environment. Not only are communication skills taught, but cultural mannerisms are also emphasized to prepare students to present themselves appropriately when interacting with German professionals. A wide range of relevant topics are covered in a German context including transportation and logistics, finance, trade, and marketing. The instructor, Dr. Petra Ganzenmueller, is engaging, animate, and very knowledgeable. She strives to facilitate thought provoking discussions and provides explanations and help on questions both inside and out of the classroom. I would highly recommend this instructor and class to anyone interested in doing business in the German-speaking world in the future.”
– A. M.

“The course exceeded my expectations of what “Business German” was all about and gave me a really good overall understanding of the German language and culture in all aspects, not just the business aspect. After taking so many courses in German grammar, this course was really refreshing and allowed me to explore my abilities in the German language in new directions. German 414 also prepares you for the “Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International”, which is like a bonus to just getting your bachelor’s degree and a great opportunity which will open more doors in the future. This course seemed to be one of the few courses that I feel gave me a really solid foundation in my education AND was very enjoyable.”
– S. S.

“Business German is not only an exceptionally interesting and informative course about business and culture in Germany, but it is also an extremely helpful course for anyone interested in using German in their future career development. Dr. Petra Ganzenmueller is a very caring and knowledgeable instructor who is very dedicated to helping her students prepare themselves to succeed in a professional German-speaking environment. This course thoroughly prepares you for the Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International, which serves as an official testimony of one’s German proficiency. It has allowed me to be a competitive and successful applicant for my Co-op position at Novartis in Basel, Switzerland (global headquarter of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world).”
– G.S-Z.

“I am so glad that I have taken the Business German courses 314 and 414. Dr. Ganzenmueller was of exceptional quality, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She did a very good job delivering the course content in a lively and interesting manner. Class participation was a key part of the course and independent thinking was always encouraged. I learned so much on business and culture, and the courses greatly improved my German language skills.”
– S. F.

“Wirtschaftsdeutsch is the only German class I have ever taken and has proven to be a great complement to the German I have learned on my own. First of all, in a practical sense, it has made reading and listening to German news and business reports much easier as I now know much more of the vocabulary. Learning this vocabulary and dealing with contemporary business issues in the class (which I wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to) was also great preparation for the exam Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International which of course can be useful later in finding a job.”
– J. P.

“German 414 is a very informative and educational class. I have gained a lot of basic knowledge of business fields, such as marketing, trade, finance, etc. It is a very interesting course and I got a lot out of it. I have also enhanced my knowledge of and competence in the language. I love the presentations we did in class. It was the first time I have actually made a business plan and it was definitely a great experience. This is a highly recommended course.“
– Y. N.

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